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Month: June, 2014



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To the memories of Asakusa

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To the day I met the nicest strangers

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To the day I felt like a kid again

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To the best coffee ever.

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To my favourite street, Harajuku.

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To travelling.

Keep on moving


Recently, my friend made a comment that we’ve all heard way too many times: life is unfair. Do you think that sometimes, maybe life is only fair to the extent where Man has no control over it? To critics of our modern society, starvation, poverty, slavery and the alike that occur all over the world arise because of the negative effects that come along with modernization, isn’t it? The power to control has made room for political corruption, and spiralled us into capitalism. And this very power to control manifests in a negative way maybe because of our innate desire for more and more each time.

But I’m not meaning to think about the modern society or inequality and complex issues like that. (Too intellectual for me). I just somehow have been observing how, albeit all the evil lurking from it, the desire for more seems to be a universal drive that makes our world tick; makes the globe move.

I like to people-watch and observe my surroundings. It’s actually way more fascinating than we think it is… Apart from most people obsessed their phones, I see the lady who desperately hopes for someone to leave so she could take the seat; I see the couple who thinks that the world’s ending tomorrow so they can’t stop sticking to one another; I see the frown that was plastered on a businessman; I see a woman talking to herself and shaking her head as if she’s telling herself not to imagine things….

It struck me that at any point of time, at any second, right now, each and every single human has a unique story behind him or her. And a life story shapes a man’s desire – A businessman desires more profit. An artist desires for recognition. An entrepreneur desires for a breakthrough. A child yearns for love and a parent desires to provide for the child – These are desires that turn into motivation.

Motivation makes us do something.

We live in such a complex society that just keeps moving maybe because of this desire which makes our world tick.

But, we can’t forget that each time one covets more, another person ends up with less. We are members of the same species, yet robbing from each other.

Because I have a wild imagination and I’ve been watching a few movies recently, I can’t help but wonder if one fine day we all just happen to be contented and stop taking more than we need, would the universe be in a complete state of balance; so “perfect” that it just… Stops moving?
I would love to see a movie that has this storyline…

I guess we’re all just trying to strike a balance between being ambitious and keeping to socially acceptable ways. Most people can, while some people just have lesser inhibition to do so.