Not-so-boring afternoon

by melanieliangjm

I am currently enjoying the wonders of music; how it makes me so emotional, makes me smile to myself and makes it so difficult for me to avoid getting up on my feet to dance. And this feeling is addictive, it’s like a drug. I wonder what would happen if everyone listens to music together in the office…

What is it about music that stirs up so much emotions in me? Is it science, like how the right blend of sounds when detected by our brains triggers emotional reactions within us, or is it just an amazing gift from God which happened to become a universal language so robust across time and across generations of people. OR maybe I am just way too bored in the office today.

I don’t know how the effect of music on me could be so strong but all I know is that it absolutely amazes me. I think one of the greatest gifts that I’m thankful for in life is to be able to just sit down and appreciate good music, and the existence of music itself. It’s like, even the dullest moments can come to life, and the emotions stirred up inside you then amusingly colours your interpretation of daily routines that would otherwise seem meaningless. At least for me.

Either way, the elements of a song (the tune, the rhythm, the timbre), the psychological effects of it, and even the concept of seeing music as a universal language is definitely spicing up my boring afternoon today.