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Month: September, 2014




So I’ve just turned 21 this year. My wish is to be one of the many cows I’ve seen during my train rides within Scotland, just lazing… eating grass…. Enjoying the sun…. Yeah right.

Surprisingly, this 21st has been the most eventful year of my life. I’ve….

Been through a roller coaster ride of extreme weather changes.
Turned many heads with a selfie stick.
Sung in the streets with random strangers.
Ate food that contained bits of sand from a sand storm.
Played with some village kids in the middle off nowhere in the midst of a bus accident, until we had to run away when they all started asking for money.
Sun-bathed on a huge, huge, rock.
Went to the Sahara desert, and…. (my friends would continue the story)
Named my camel Mel Gibson.
Fell asleep on a sand dune under a blanket of stars.
Danced salsa on a sand dune under a blanket of stars.
Took the most uncomfortable 8 hour taxi ride ever (without showering the day before….)
Saw a handful of UNESCO world heritage sites.
Went up a mountain range in sneakers and ankle socks (not advisable)
Hiked up and down a waterfall in sneakers and ankle socks (also not advisable)
Got stuck at the airport in Barcelona alone overnight without a boarding pass or my luggage.
And here I am trying to spot a Nessie at the Loch Ness in Scotland, wondering how the referendum would turn out tomorrow.


2014-09-17 16.20.15

Loch Ness, Scotland


Good or bad, big or small, for a born and raised city girl I think I’ve been thoroughly amazed to see how much the world has to offer. And words cannot explain how thankful I am to be able to see these things.

Young people sometimes say that “this is what life is about” – “enjoying life”, traveling seeing the world, instead of constantly working all the time. Well, I get this point of view. But to me, I see this as a privilege. A privilege I got because my parents “worked all the time” to pass on this privilege that they could have had to their kids. Makes me wonder what our current generation would lay down as a foundation for our next.

That was completely random…

I love traveling. I really do. But who doesn’t?
My question to myself is WHY. Why do I like traveling? I think everyone has their own definition of traveling. Some like to cross as many borders and set foot into as many countries as possible. Some like food. Some like the thrilling activities. For me, it’s more than the physical act of being in different places and seeing new things. It’s human interactions. Communicating with people from different places, in the same or different languages, verbal or non-verbal. Even backpacking with my 6 relatively new friends was intriguing to me because we got to see each other thrive out of our comfort zones back home. Our unique personalities and individual contributions to the dynamics of the group became more evident and impactful as the weeks went by, because we fulfilled more than our “role as students” back home. I think each time I speak with someone new and from a completely different background, I discover something new. I recently realised…

We are all extremely different people because of the circumstances we were born into; this has been said many times. Some of us grew up with farm animals, some of us grew up with iPads. Each of us have a different story to tell. But what’s common between us is that we all have our hopes and dreams, and our plans to get there. Like when I zoom out to look at the big picture I imagine people from every single part of the world working toward their goals, finding their own motivations. Sometimes it’s inevitable to compare and wonder why others seem to have more opportunities within their grasp while many many doors inevitably remain closed within a small country. Sometimes it’s inevitable to get confused after realising how much more possibilities lie ahead out there in the world which you’ve never known. But I think it’s fine. The best thing about being young is that you get confused, you make mistakes, you get enlightened, you learn, and you grow. While there seems to be a constant pressure to know what we want for the future because everyone seems to be getting it, perhaps sometimes it’s good to just take the backseat for a while, be glad that our peers have (seemingly) figured their lives out, and embrace the day which you’ll find your own.

Completely random thoughts again. What’s new.